Deliver the Processes of the Future, Today

iGrafx is a Leader in the Forrester Wave on Process Intelligence Software. We received the highest possible ranking across 11 criteria, including Vision, Process Simulation, and Improvement Detection.

What Process360 Live Can Do For You

iGrafx enables true business transformation by helping organizations continuously improve their processes. 

Process Excellence

Discover how your processes run today, collaboratively design the ideal versions of those processes, and then optimize for performance aligned with corporate strategy.

Risk & Compliance

Develop digital models of your business processes, propagating risk mitigation strategies to the front lines, so that every employee can conduct business in a risk-informed manner.

The iGrafx Approach

Our proven methology enables you to deliver the processes of the future, today.



Discover how your business processes run today to uncover inefficiencies, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.



Collaboratively design the ideal future versions of your processses and ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies.



Optimize your processes for maximum performance and effective risk management aligned with corporate strategy.

Benefits of iGrafx

Improve Productivity

Streamline processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows to get more done and create higher quality products with the same amount of resources.

Reduce Costs

Keep volume, pace and quality stable while decreasing financial investment through process optimization and improved resource allocation.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain operational resilience by complying with external regulation and internal policy. Prevent substantial financial and reputational risk.

Great process builds lasting transformation. Bad process is expensive.
We can help.

case study

Munich Airport

Serving more than 40 million passengers, Munich Airport leverages the robust business process management solutions from iGrafx.
By expanding its view into existing processes, the organization contributes to overall optimized business performance.


Deliver Processes That Transform

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Version 19.0 of Process360 Live, iGrafx’s SaaS Process Intelligence platform, is going to start rolling out to customers starting on May 22nd.   This release of Process360 Live focuses on two key priorities: making it easier to do things and empowering you to do more things.